One of the marvelous things about flickr is the range of photography you can see there, people doing things you might never imagine or think of.  And there are groups for every sort of photography, every kind of interest, geographic locations, styles, and assignments, to mention but a few.  There is a vibrant community of groups who offer mini contests, where your photo competes against others.  They can be wonderful opportunities to stretch a little, experiment with something new.

This shot was the result of one of those contests, the theme, Tabletop Photography - and something I likely would not have done otherwise.  I have not done much still life photography, though I admit that it has some appeal with winter upon us and on days when a day-trip to the beach simply is not possible.  I had some ideas for this shot and, after work, headed to a local craft store to search for suitable backgrounds and settings.  Nothing - I refused to pay $20 for something I neither wanted or needed.  I was running out of time to complete the assignment and thought I would have to search my apartment for something to use.  Then I remembered the Goodwill store nearby.  A quick pass through the store produced this small 'silver' bowl (a child's breakfast bowl I think, there is an elephant etched inside).

Bowl, $2.  Pears, $2.  One black and white still-life shot, priceless!