bend to the wind

In October, I went on my first extended photography workshop with Awake the Light Photo Tours.  Mollie and Mary are wonderful photographers and instructors and run a series of marvelous trips to locations throughout the United States.  This particular trip was to Acadia National Park in Maine.  I'd never been to Maine - I will go back, absolutely stunning coastline.  The long exposure possibilities were extensive, a wealth of riches that I found almost overwhelming.

This shot is from our first morning, a sunrise shoot.  We arrived at this location well before sunrise.  It was interesting to locate the path and maneuver on the rocks in the darkness, our success a tribute to Mollie and Mary's advance preparations.  In this shot, I wanted to capture the trees that survive on the rocks.  Winters are harsh there - most of the people I met in mid-October were preparing to close up for the winter and head to Florida or somewhere warm.  But the trees, they just do what they have to do to live another day.