I've been doing this for a while now - it amazes me what I've learned, about photography, creativity, myself.  When I first returned to photography, it never occurred to me that I would have to be expert at processing my shots.  I simply had not thought about that side of things.  And I'll admit, at first, I was not happy about it.  I just wanted to shoot, there was way too much to learn.  Well, I still want to shoot, and I still have way too much to learn, but I have discovered that I enjoy everything - from shoot to final print presentation.

As for muses, I am convinced that they favor those who prepare and apply themselves.  It's a bit like shooting sunrises - you can't get it if you aren't out there, in the dark, fumbling with your equipment because you didn't get enough sleep, you can't see and your fingers are cold.  And the muses don't favor us every time - to me, that is part of the beauty of it.  I never know what I will find.  I do know that I won't find anything if I don't get out there.  And on those mornings when I'm not at all certain I want to go to all the trouble, I ask myself - how badly do you want this?  Then 'all the trouble' doesn't feel like much trouble at all.