welcome home

Sometimes, I head out and don't get the shot I was hoping for, don't stumble on anything.  I shoot, but feel like I'm working overly hard at it.  And I have the nagging feeling that, when I get home and review the images, I won't find any that I'm especially excited with.  This morning was one of those times.  I left early for downtown DC, hoping to catch some winter shadows, some architectural and street shots.  The forecasters failed to mention that the morning would be solidly overcast.  I wandered around the National Mall, visiting the Korean War Memorial, among others.

Driving home, I heard that this past Thursday marked the 'official' end to the war in Iraq.  All the troops stationed there will be home by the end of this month.  We could debate many things about this war - I think we can agree that it's good to be bringing the troops back home.