Saturday morning in the capital

I'm back from my trip - and still catching up.  mjray926, I haven't forgotten you.  mj nominated me for Versatile Blogger - I'm still working on my 15 nominees and 7 random things.  I should be able to post it later today.

As for this shot - I like street photography, though I haven't done a lot of it and would not claim to be especially good at it.  Getting all of the elements to work together is difficult - there is a lot going on in cities, packed into small areas.  Perhaps that's why it seems easier on weekends, early in the morning, though that too has its pluses and minuses - less to coordinate and less to work with.

I really like this shot, but can't help feeling it would be stronger with just the lone runner, if the couple had not been there.  But he was running faster than they were walking.  Wait much longer for them to move out of the frame and he would have been too far down the path.  At first, I was disappointed with it, the reality not quite coming up to my vision.  But when I remember all the decisions and choices we make, every time we trip the shutter, everything that must come together for a good image, it's amazing how often it works.

Perhaps not the 'decisive moment' but a good one all the same.