no shortcuts

I love trees and I especially love trees in winter when their structure shows more easily without leaves.  I'm back out shooting after the holidays and took yesterday to explore Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge.  The skies were overcast, I missed the snow geese (though I saw and heard hundreds of them leaving their overnight roost and heading out for the day).  Still, I can always find something to shoot and just being out is a joy.  In choosing what lenses to take, I decided to leave the macro at home (not the best idea), so shot this with my telephoto.  I'm stubborn, or lazy, or both, and was determined to shoot handheld - though I wasn't so lazy that I didn't have my tripod with me.  I took several shots, the low light requiring a wide open aperture and still the shutter speeds were a bit long for hand-held.  I even told myself - you will be sorry, you will get home and see that there are fuzzy places where the depth of field was so narrow. This time, however, I actually listened to that annoying, nagging voice.  I set up my tripod, stopped down to f22 or so - and got the shot.  I know this, I know that's what I need to do - and still, in the past, something has kept me from taking those extra steps.  I think I'm tired of kicking myself later.  It's bad enough when I can 'see' a shot that my skills, or conditions, won't let me have.  It's foolish when I 'see' the shot and miss it from trying to cut corners.

There are no shortcuts.  And I'll forget and probably kick myself some more.