but I like it

One of the things my camera club does is a year-long portfolio project - artist statement, series of related images, that sort of thing.  It is a great exercise, forcing you to think about what you're doing and why, and exploring a subject more thoroughly.  It's also something I need to do - one of my goals for this year is to build a portfolio.  I passed on doing the project last year.  I had just started shooting then and had no idea what I might want to focus on.  This year, I had an idea, these long exposure sea scapes. I have to tell you, I am finding this to be a difficult project.  Getting the images is hard enough - I don't feel that I have enough variety in subjects and locations and catching weather conditions right for this type of shot is hit or miss.  But the hardest part is figuring out the artist's statement - what the project is about, why I want to do it, what the work explores.  Unfortunately, it's not enough to say, I like it.