ice abstract

I have been wanting to do shots like this for over a year.  I have especially wanted to now that I have a tripod that helps rather than hinders - and it doesn't hurt that I work a little smarter than I did last year.  Our winter, so far, has been unbelievably mild - this time last year we'd had snow several times and at least the edges of rivers and lakes were frozen, not so this year.  We did have a small cold snap the other night and I was out early enough to catch small puddles that had frozen overnight.  They did not last long - I was running around like a crazy person trying to catch as many as I could before the sun rose too high. I came away with more successes this time than I did when I tried this last year.  When, and if, things truly freeze over in the next month or so, I'll be ready!  If you want to see some beautiful ice shots, I suggest Don Vetter's gallery of images.  When I 'grow up,' I want to get shots like his!