The weather has not cooperated with me lately on my days off.  The good news is that I made much progress on several projects I've been meaning to get around to, one being my portfolio project.  After giving it a lot of thought (probably too much thought), I decided that I'm always struck by the vastness of the sky and water when I stand on shore, inspired by the immense possibilities and humbled to be reminded that I am only a very small part of this universe.  Eternal and fleeting.  That is the experience I wanted to capture through making these long exposure, black and white images.  Over a number of upcoming posts, I will share different images from this portfolio.  I welcome your feedback and comments. This pier in Ocean City, New Jersey has an interesting story.  It's been standing for 99 years.  Thirty years ago, it was in such bad shape that the city basically shut it down, removing the 'floor boards' while leaving the pilings standing.  Over the years, there have been several debates about what to do with what remains but no compromise is ever reached.  It's almost as though people (some people) hope that a hurricane will wash away what is left so the decision is made for them.  But still it stands.  I, for one, am glad it does.