the journey

I have explored this area before, never with what I would call exciting results.  So recently, looking to do something different, I returned and explored a bit more.  I have never been particularly good at preparations.  When I'm going to paint a room, I just want to paint it - I don't want to sand or spackle or take the time to put down drop cloths.  When I go out to take photographs, sometimes I just want to make photos and, if I have to work too hard at it or come home feeling like I didn't 'get' anything, I feel as though I wasted my time - and there isn't a lot of time to waste.

But every now and then, there will be a moment like this one.  I think folks who aren't photographers fall into a trap, thinking that we always get shots like this.  I fall into that same trap on occasion, expecting to always come home with shots like this.  Then there will be a day - or several days - when I don't, another day when I do.  A moment like this one reminds me that this is why I get up early, drive sometimes for hours, then wait and look around and wait some more.  The days I come home 'empty-handed' I forget that it's really all about the process, or journey - moments like this one are gifts, the result of all that preparation I did not want to do.