I've been a bit swamped the last week or so, a number of projects in the works and never enough time for all of them.  This was the result of a walk several days ago.  Winter here has been almost non-existent - I keep thinking it's coming.  But I said that throughout January and most of February and we continue to have 50 degree days.  I was stunned to see several dandelions and I swear I heard a cricket.  I almost got this one home intact, was almost in my front door when a gust of wind took out half of it.  I think I like this view better than a pristine one. I haven't experimented with my macro lens as much as I could, or perhaps should.  One technique that I forget, almost every time I have used it, is to use Live View to help nail the focus.  This time I remembered.  If you don't know, (and your camera offers it), turn on Live View then zoom in as much as you can.  Then you can manually adjust the focus to get it exactly where you want it.  Macros are difficult enough to focus, especially with eyes as old as mine.  If you haven't tried this technique, I strongly recommend it.