I've been busy, again, recently - preparing for competitions, contests, choosing images, getting them printed, matted and such.  This one, a familiar location to some of you, was recently chosen by Susan Burnstine for inclusion in an exhibit at PhotoPlace Gallery, the title of the exhibition, "In Your Dreams." 1,600 submissions, 40 chosen for the gallery show, another 35 chosen for the online gallery, all images to be included in a catalog of the exhibit.  It was my first submission to a gallery show and, while I didn't make the gallery exhibit, I am thrilled to be included in the online gallery and catalog.  Some of you may remember that I planned to push myself this year - I wouldn't call it wild success but so far, so good.

This image was actually a wonderful surprise.  I'd been set up and shooting here for a half hour or so.  It turned out to be a marvelous day at the beach, especially for late November.  As the dawn turned to late morning, more and more people came down to the beach to enjoy the mild weather.  A family with two small children was not too far away from me, off camera right here.  The children were playing in the water and, as children will do, they drifted down shore in my direction.  With a 10 stop ND filter, you can't actually see anything through the viewfinder once the filter is placed in position, so I couldn't be sure if the boy was getting in my shot or not.  And much depended on how little or how much he moved around.  Of all the shots I took that morning, he only 'appeared' in two - I liked this one best for the way his 'image' was also reflected in the wet sand.