thank you

I began this year with the intention of making 'something' of my photography.  Entering contests, responding to calls for artists, looking for opportunities to publish, hopefully to make some sales - and all that in addition to continuing to develop my skills and knowledge.  This blog, started just two short months ago, was to be part of that effort.  I picked up some followers here and there and discovered some folks whose work I enjoyed following and learning from.  The blog was bouncing around 50 to 75 views on days that I published a post.  I don't publish daily though I have considered it.  I figure we're all busy enough without being inundated with content that we could have easily skipped, so I try to limit my posts to those times when I have something to say.

Yesterday, my blog went slightly 'viral', at least here on WordPress.  My post, Submerged, was the featured Photography post for a short while and was featured on Freshly Pressed.  Views jumped exponentially, many of you took the time to leave comments, a number of you elected to follow my blog.  For that, I want to say thank you.  I hope you continue to enjoy your visits here.

This image was a 2 minute exposure, something conditions don't allow me to do very often.  There were a few clouds and a good stiff wind moving them across the sky - perfect for this sort of shot.