out and about

The photo challenge I'm participating in came along at a good time.  I haven't had much time to get out and shoot, so quick, daily assignments satisfy my need to keep shooting.  And the few times I have made extended, dedicated trips to shoot haven't been very productive lately.  The photo challenge also has me shooting things I might not have done otherwise and, in the process, I'm learning a few things.  This image - shot for the theme, 'Someone else' - has been the most enlightening so far.  I love street photography - and I am really uncomfortable taking photographs of other people, especially people I don't know.  I knew both of those things, but I had no idea just how uncomfortable this makes me.  I would almost describe the feeling as fear - of what I'm not sure. Shooting for this assignment has me thinking about taking on the 100 Strangers project.  It's a fascinating project - shoot 100 strangers, but you must talk with them, get a bit of their story, and share that as well as the photo.  Just the thought of it intimidates me, which means it might just be something I ought to try.

I wanted to stretch a little with this photo challenge - I'm being stretched more than I imagined, and consider that a very good thing.