lightness of being

I shot this for my photo challenge, though technically it is tomorrow's theme.  I have time today, however, so here it is.  I have wanted to try something like this for a while - this photo challenge has been good for that, experimenting with things I don't 'do.'  I make mistakes, the results are not always stellar, and I learn.  This shot is a perfect example of learning from mistakes.  It's a bit embarrassing but here's what happened.  I fooled around with this shot a couple of weeks ago, wanting to see how it worked and whether I could make it work.  I took two shots, one with me in it and one without.  I brought the two into Photoshop, intending to mask out the bench - except I had forgotten to take a shot without the bench in it.  The only thing I could 'paint' out was myself, not exactly the point with a self-portrait.

You can bet that, when I shot this today, I did not forget to remove the bench.

How to do this -

Take two shots - one without you or your support in it, basically a 'background' shot and one shot with you in it

Bring the background shot into Photoshop, then add the second shot (with you in it) as a layer, add a layer mask, grab the brush with black paint - and paint away what you don't want to have show.