I've been 'absent' for much too long - enough to say that it's been a month, busy trying to catch up with one thing or another.  I still have not figured out how to juggle competing priorities - shoot?  Process?  Study?  I think, too, it might be a matter of being in-between 'projects.'  I had one that consumed me for some time that is essentially complete, at least in terms of its immediate end-point.  I discovered during the course of that project that they are good for me, providing a focus for what I do and, when it was 'done,' I found myself wondering, now what? 

What seems to work for me is to keep shooting, pay attention to what grabs my attention.  The process can be discouraging - sometimes it might take a while to discover that next thing.  This shot came from that process - a so-so day at a local park when I found myself fascinated by the patterns and textures of leaves.  It didn't hurt that it had rained the night before!  I came home that day with dozens of shots similar to, but different from, this one.

My next project - or one of them - perhaps.