summer days

I have been reminded twice in as many days - there are benefits in stretching a little, trying something you would not typically do.  The other day I needed a shot on the theme, baseball.  I remember thinking to myself, what on earth will I do with that?  Then I remembered my old baseball glove, found a baseball and headed to a local playing field - still wondering what on earth I might do.  I began experimenting, different spots around the field, changing perspective.  I felt like I shot a few images that would suit my needs.  I didn't think I had anything exceptional - and I was certain this particular shot was not among my favorites.

I think I could work on my visualization skills - I love this shot.  And yes, I can be a sucker for nostalgia.

The other reminder came with this shot -

This was shot for a weekly challenge, the theme "Still Life."  I knew nothing about shooting a still life.  I would never have done this but for that challenge.  On Friday, this image received Monochrome Image of the Year from Northern Virginia Photographic Society.

Not everything we try will meet with success, great or small - but one thing is certain.  We can't know unless we try.