after the storm ...

Life has been about as tumultuous as this sky, the likes of which I have not seen before.  I managed to get a couple of days in at the beach recently - such a luxury to be close, not need to get up at some god awful hour to be on location, to be able to shoot evening and early morning.

This particular morning was another of those lessons in patience.  When I arrived, in the dark, a light rain began to fall.  As dawn approached, the rain stopped though the clouds persisted, great wonderful clouds streaking across the sky.  Not necessarily an ideal sunrise shoot but I have learned to accept whatever I am given - and I do love moody, long exposure shots.  Then the rain returned, still light and manageable.  I was so focused on getting the shots I wanted that I neglected to turn around and see the storm clouds approaching from behind.  Have you ever tried to run, in pouring rain, on sand, with a bag loaded with camera gear, an extended tripod, all while trying to keep your camera dry?  Comical perhaps, definitely exhausting and not especially effective.  I waited it out under a shelter - and then I was gifted with this.

A more than fair return for my early morning soaking.